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Author: Graeme Newton        Thanks To  Matt Mossop, Lightsource,  Avian Ecology, Cgms Consulting and everyone who writes in!

Advantages of solar power are many. Although solar power is an energy source that we have only recently tapped into, it may easily become the most important energy source of the future.

• Solar power is a renewable and natural resource.

• Solar power is non-polluting. Unlike oil, solar power does not emit greenhouse gases or carcinogens into the air.

• Light and energy from the sun costs nothing. Once you purchase the equipment to collect and convert energy from the sun, it costs you nothing to run.

• Solar cells require little maintenance.

• Solar cells can last a lifetime.

• Solar power is silent.

Other facts about solar energy:

• Solar energy can be used to heat water, dry clothes, heat swimming pools, power attic fans, power small appliances, produce light for both indoors and outdoors, and even to power cars, among other things.

• Solar energy products can be very expensive. The initial cost is, perhaps, the main disadvantage of solar energy.

• To reach maximum level of efficiency you need a relatively large area to install solar panels.

• Depending where you live you will get different results with solar energy systems.

• When you use solar energy, you and your home become independent on foreign or other sources of energy which raise costs quickly.

• To run solar water pumps, you do not even need to connect to a gas or power grid.

• Solar energy cannot be produced at night or if there is a lot of pollution in the air or clouds over the sun.

• You can install solar energy in remote locations.

• If there is a power outage, but you run on solar, you will still have electricity!

• As your energy needs grow, you can add more solar panels

• Technology for solar energy is constantly improving.