Help 4 Halvasso

Author: Graeme Newton        Thanks To  Matt Mossop, Lightsource,  Avian Ecology, Cgms Consulting and everyone who writes in!

Hundreds of people have already registered serious concerns about a proposed solar farm which would cover at least 26 acres of agricultural land in Halvasso. Many believe the site is unsuitable for industrial solar development, due to:

 Significant landscape impact. Over 11,500 raised solar panels, security fencing, small industrial buildings and more than 50 CCTV cameras. This industrialisation of the valley will seriously damage the rural character of an area currently enjoyed for its footpaths and bridleways

 Inappropriate field sizes. Multiple small fields mean unused space between field perimeters and solar panels. A more appropriate site could yield 30% more energy

 Damage to the valley’s suitability for tourism, one of Cornwall’s main sources of income

 Little or no stated benefit to the local community

 Danger of cumulative impact on the area if approval is granted. Numerous similar developments are proposed nearby, and hundreds across Cornwall

 The planning application contains numerous inaccuracies, mistakes and inconsistencies, and there has been little public consultation

 Loss of quality agricultural land

 Environmental impacts: cutting down and defoliation of over 7km of hedges supporting protected species in a county wildlife site; industrial use of pesticides beside Falmouth’s principal water supply

 Unsuitable road network due to surrounding narrow roads with low visibility

 Accoustic impact on an area which currently has some of the lowest background noise in the county: strimming throughout 3 months of the main tourist season each year; humming of inverter buildings; drilling into granite to insert c.3000 metal posts

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